Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Adventures In Small Business - Business Relationships

I am currently working on delivering a product which is late. Very late. Yes, I know it is late. If I had forgotten, the daily phone calls from the customer would have sufficed to remind me. The daily faxes are also a helpful reminder. I have a stack of them in front of me now, waiting for the day when Al Gore's fantasy strikes, "The Day After Tomorrow" comes, and I have build a fire using faxes for kindling and my stapler for sparks. But I digress.

MBA school teaches you about communication, and that the customer is always right. While I have my doubts about the validity of those teachings, what they don't tell you is that what to do when your customer is a gold-plated [CENSORED].

And now, the latest daily fax has arrived, and accuses me of being a liar. For a contractor, that's a stretch. (Hello, pot? This is kettle - you're black!)

So today has been a day of delights unmentionable.

And the probability of me telling someone to do something anatomically impossible to himself and the horse he rode in on has gone up considerably.

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