Monday, February 27, 2006

What's So Interesting About The Falkland Islands?

Some bad ideas just won't die. From the Scotsman: "Falkland fear as Argentina steps up show of strength."

AN INCREASINGLY anxious UK government is closely monitoring a build-up of Argentinian military strength and a series of confrontations with the RAF close to the Falkland Islands, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

The activity has led Tony Blair's most senior advisers to demand he issues a "hands-off" warning to Buenos Aires.

The Falkland Islands have long been a sore spot for British-Argentinian relations and Argentinian pride, but they usually remain out of the news until the Argentine government needs a distraction from troubles at home. I wasn't aware that things were that bad; I thought the Argentine economy was doing better than its troubles of a few years ago.

Apparently, I'm wrong.

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