Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Delirium Nevadens

There's nothing that says "paralyzed" like seing State Street bumper-to-bumper, in both directions, between 39th South and 45th South, and extending far beyond those streets.

We're having what feels like our biggest storm of the season today. Nothing dramatic, just steadily dropping snow since early this morning - and the roads icing over during the evening commute. UDOT has done an outstanding job this season until today - I think the commute hurt their ability to get out and plow. With traffic going nowhere, the plows can't make their rounds either.

Apparently it's worse up north, between Ogden and Salt Lake. Stretches of I-15 have been closed off and on as the UHP tries to deal with several bad accidents.

It doesn't help that it appears that most drivers simply forget how to drive in bad weather. I think it's called delirium nevadens, and it's not a new phenomenon - I know of a case occuring in California in 1846.

Today was different, though. Considering the relatively small amount of snow actually on the ground, traffic was bad everywhere, including the streets near my work. It was a little eerie to see what is a normally moderately travelled street backed up bumper-to-bumper in both directions, with distant sirens heard in all directions. It was very disquieting - there was a sense of unease that the whole experience brought out, which is very unusual considering the tranquility that snowstorms here usually bring.

Well, what happens, happens. I have a full tank of gas, and I'm staying in tonight. We'll see what the morning brings.

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