Thursday, February 09, 2006

Zimbabwe: Do-Over

Now Zimbabwe is considering a partial reversal-of-course.

From the London Telegraph:
President Robert Mugabe has begun to reverse his "insane" land grab and offer some white farmers the chance to lease back their holdings in Zimbabwe.

With the fastest shrinking economy in the world, Mr Mugabe has had to backtrack on six years of chaos and his own determination to rid the country of all white farmers.

In an orgy of violence, Mr Mugabe seized the land, homes, equipment and infrastructure of about 4,000 white commercial farmers who produced almost half of Zimbabwe's foreign currency.
Oh, but the government will be retaining the land - it's leasing it back to the farmers who originally owned it. How benevolent.

Check this out:
The government is expected to admit in the next few days that it has only used about 50 per cent of the land it seized. In reality, land economists say the figure of idle land is nearer 80 to 90 per cent.
No wonder they're starving.

The whites that have left should tell Mugabe to stick it. His socialist paradise is collapsing around him. Let him enjoy the rubble - and the angry consequences that will follow.

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