Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mt. Augustine Is Erupting

Location Map, from the AVO.

Ash plumes and pyroclastic flows are erupting from the summit of Mt. Augustine, 180 miles southwest of Anchorage.

The mountain has been in a constant state of eruption since last Saturday, with ash continually issuing from the summit with occasional major eruptions occurring every day of the last four days. The Seattle Times reports that pyroclastic flows, flows of gas and superheated rock, have been seen sliding down the mountain.

Although the ash plume has at times risen as high as 30,000 feet, no ash fall has been reported in populated areas. Eruptions in mid-January did dust some Kenai Peninsula towns with ash. All flights into the Kenai peninsula have been cancelled due to ash concerns.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory is maintaining a watch over the mountain and has proved to be the best source for the latest news and information.

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