Friday, January 13, 2006

A New Friday Furo Questus Is Up

Questus Furore -
Look Lady, I'm Not Looking To Get Married, I Just Want A Second Date

What a lousy week.

Not that anything terribly bad happened. No major illness, accident, or tragedy befell me. In the grand sense of things, life is good. I'm still breathing, I live in happy and healthy surroundings, and nothing has occurred to make me doubt I will live out the next fifty or so years the actuarial tables predict.

Rather, my ego is being dealt the death of a thousand cuts. Minor setbacks and failings at work, at home, and in my abilities to manage my money, my health, and my romantic life, have all combined in a perversely well-organized combination so as to cause me to question not just one aspect of my life, but everything. And nothing scares an anal-retentive person so much as to have everything go quietly to hell all at once...

[For the rest of The Friday Furo Questus, please follow this link to The Wasatch Front.]

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