Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Israel Weighs Its Options Against Iran

While the conventional wisdom is still contending that Israeli military action against Iran's nuclear plants and facilities, the IDF is making its own assessment.

In a press conference at Tel Aviv University (as reported by the Jerusalem Post), IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz said that Iran’s nuclear program “can be destroyed.”

Meanwhile, Glasgow's
The Herald is reporting that Israeli strike plans are being refined and rehearsed.
Pilots at the Israeli air force's elite 69 squadron have been briefed on the plan and have conducted rehearsals for their missions.

The prime targets would be the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, 150 miles south of Tehran, a heavy-water production site at Arak, 120 miles south-west of the capital, and a site near Isfahan in central Iran which makes the uranium hexafluoride gas vital to the arms manufacturing process.
The difficulty of the task has not discouraged them

We need to understand - the Israelis have taken Iran's chief whacko at is words, and are prepared to do what it takes to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Are we?

We're going to get pulled into this mess regardless of what we want. Are we ready?

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