Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plains Tornado Outbreak News Page

It is quickly becoming apparent that events this afternoon will quickly outstrip my ability to keep up. So here are some resources to help you follow along.

Most importantly: if you live in a watch area, pay attention to local radio/TV, or NOAA weather radio. They will be able to tell you more quickly what is happening where you are, rather than what is happening where the storm chasers and the TV trucks are. Internet is great for giving you the big picture and filling in holes, but it is not yet to the point where it can tell you what is happening in your backyard.

OK, here we go:

Storm Prediction Center - forecasts, hazard warnings, and storm reports.

Weather Channel - The Great Tornado Hunt - they made the first on-scene reports from Joplin, Mo., after nearly running into that one. They will be covering this tornado outbreak in detail, live.

Tornado Videos - The Chase - a chase page showing all of their network of streaming video-equipped chasers - and where they are. Click a car, and you can see live video from their viewpoint. (The 21st century is amazing.)

Finally, here are a couple of twitter streams I've cobbled together: