Monday, May 09, 2011

For All Your Snark Needs, Please Consider Moe Lane

Moe Lane has bringing the heat lately; he writes better one-liners in greater volume than most comedy writing staffs.

To wit, his comment on the Obama Administration's screwed-up communication of "WE GOT BIN LADEN!":
I mention this mostly because I am growing heartily sick of watching this administration muck up a message that is the political equivalent of FREE BEER; worse, I’m getting bored with it, too.

Or his closing line on his "The death of Yamamoto, and other valuable life lessons for countries" piece from last night:
Mind you, I bear up remarkably well under the disapproval of people from slave-owning societies. Particularly the ones that we’ve just set on fire.

So, for all your dry wit needs, please consider Moe Lane (TM).