Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Heading Out To Reno

Photo from Declan McCullagh Photography.

Heading out to Reno on business. (Yeah, I've been travelling a lot lately, haven't I?) Hopefully I can get a little trainwatching in too - Sparks yard is right by the airport, and Donner Pass is just a little ways away. (No snowplow action this time of year, though.)

week, although I will try to stop in and get a discussion going on that
alternative fuels article.

If I'm not back Friday afternoon, you can assume one of three things:
(1) I missed my flight;
(2) I'm in
Folsom Prison;
(3) I hit the jackpot and am on my way to my new mansion in Tahiti.

In other words - I'll be back Friday.

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