Monday, May 22, 2006

Froth and Foam

It appears that the leftist faction of the Democratic Party is revealing itself, and the fact that all they really have to offer is emotion - no thought, no ideas, and no plans on how to truly engage the threat posed to our nation by radical Islam.

It St. Louis, a Democratic Congressman gives a venomous anti-Bush and anti-war speech.

In New York, Senator John McCain spoke to an unwelcoming crowd at the New School at . (In the course of which, McCain proves that he is a class act and the students at the New School proved that they are a bunch of... well, they proved themselves undeserving of his time.)

And in Connecticut, radicals are moving to upset one of the few prominent centrist Democrats, Senator Lieberman.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial on this today; here are a few of the choicer paragraphs:
Two events last Friday speak volumes about the direction of modern liberal politics, and it's not an encouraging trend, especially if you're a Democrat who wants to take back the White House.

The first is that antiwar candidate Ned Lamont captured a third of the delegates at Connecticut's Democratic Party convention, thus winning the right to challenge Senator Joe Lieberman in an August primary. The second is the nasty treatment of Senator John McCain by faculty and students during his commencement address at the New School in New York...

...The left's larger goal is to turn the Democratic Party solidly against the war on terror, and especially against its Iraq and Iran fronts. Mr. Lamont's performance will be noticed by Democratic Presidential hopefuls, some of whom (Al Gore, John Kerry) are already maneuvering to get to Hillary Rodham Clinton's antiwar left. Well before 2008, this passion will also drive sentiment among Democrats on Capitol Hill. If they recapture either the House or the Senate this fall, a legislative drive to withdraw from Iraq cannot be ruled out.

We doubt all of this will help Democrats with the larger electorate, which whatever its doubts about Iraq does not want a precipitous surrender. Americans haven't trusted a liberal Democrat with the White House during wartime since Vietnam, which is when the seeds of the current antiwar rage were planted. The great mistake that leading Democrats and anti-Communist liberals made during Vietnam was not speaking up against a left that was demanding retreat and sneering at our war heroes. Will any Democrat speak up now?

It's been a common refrain among liberal mouthpieces that the Republican Party have been "hijacked" by radical right-wingers and "Christian theocrats."

It strikes me that rather, it is the Democrats that are being hijacked - by parties that cannot accept that the world has radically changed in the last ten years, and those changes pose a real threat to the American people, if not the very idea of the republic.

Even now, prominent Democrats are planning invesigations and impeachment inquiries. (See James Robbins today at NRO.) They crow about pulling out of Iraq immediately. If this general mood is followed, they intend to roll back the Bush Presidency.

And then what?

We don't know, becuase neither do they. The plan is to turn the clock back to September 10th, 2001, and start over, pretending bin Laden never existed.

And then we get to do it all over again. And pay the price, all over again.

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