Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Ashes of May Day

In all the fuss and bother of the supposed immigrant strike of yesterday, I failed to make note of something more important.

In the not-so-glorious days of Soviet Russia, May 1st was a big deal. The Soviets celebrated the little people, the workers, the proletariat, for a whole day. Speeches, dances, and parades of nuclear weapons (to kill the American workers) were paraded sbout. Leftists worldwide would sigh together in near-orgiastic bliss, waiting for the day when the Soviets would liberate them fom this strict and crass capitalistic society based on free will, leaving them to instead live Commie-style, with all the wonderful shortages, secret arrests, and miseries that entailed.

I never said those leftists were logical.

Now, I'll refer you to
Jonathan Wilde at Catallarchy. Remember Communism's victims - and remebember that while that ideology has faded, it has not disappeared. There are far too many who still believe it to be a wonderful idea applied badly. (But that's another post for another day.)

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