Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror In London

In case you have not already heard, there have been a series of bombings in London. As of now, there have been four seperate bombings, three on London Underground subway trains and one on a double-decker bus. Casualties are heavy; at least 40 killed and 300 injured reported so far, and I expect that to rise.

A previously unheard-of group, The Secret Organization of Al-Qaeda in Europe, is claiming responsibility.

I recommend following the
BBC or Washington Post on this; they seem to be on top of it so far.

My initial reactions:
No warning - no intelligence "chatter" beforehand. That's significant - I'm just not sure how yet.

If these guys are really a European-based group, what can the Europeans do about it?

Find those responsible, and destroy them without mercy. They target civilians. They operate outside the rules of war - and therefore are ineligible for any rights under those rules.

Updating at The Wasatch Front.

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