Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dead Anchovies Leave a Stink

Dead Anchovies Leave Putrid Stink in Ore.
The Associated Press Tuesday, July 26, 2005; 8:37 PM
SEASIDE, Ore. -- Millions of dead anchovies have washed up on the banks of the Neawanna River on the northern Oregon Coast, biologists said, giving off a putrid stink of salt water, seaweed and sewage.

Biologists say such mass deaths are perfectly normal, and probably caused in this case by an increased food supply, allowing a greater number of anchovies to be born.
"That's the way nature works," said North Coast Land Conservancy Director Neal Maine. "You get too many, then they take all the oxygen out of the water." In the 1960s, Maine said, so many anchovies died in the river that the bodies were knee-deep.

Seaside Mayor Don Larson said the city is waiting for the tide to remove the bodies. Public health official Lynn McConnell said there are no known health problems from the anchovies, but advises the public to stay away from the fish if possible and wash hands after touching them.

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Simply weird. Say goodbye to the tourists for a while.

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  1. Something smells fishy, and it's not the journalism?!