Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Choosing to Keep Quiet

Andrew Klavan had an interesting piece in City Journal recently.

In it, he describes how the French publisher of his most recent novel has decided to forego publishing, despite having already purchased the rights.
Last Tuesday, I received word that the French release of my thriller novel Empire of Lies had been canceled by publisher Seuil Policiers. The editor who originally bought the book had left the French company, and the new editor, my agent says, feels that “she can not publish . . . because of the political and religious aspects of the story.” This, even though it’s in breach of a contract for which I’ve been paid in full.
What is so objectionable? Sex, violence?
Empire of Lies features a politically conservative Christian protagonist, Jason Harrow, who believes he has uncovered an Islamist terrorist plot being obscured by the leftist mainstream media.

Sometimes, the problem is what we don't say.

Mr. Klavan expands on this theme, applying it to the media at large; well worth the read. Especially in a time where what the media reports and what the news is seem to be very different sets of facts.