Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Modern Journalism: Diversity of Genes, But Not of Thought

Mike Walsh, over at Big Journalism:

But this is where the news media’s relentless search for “diversity” ultimately leads: to a glorious mosaic of male and female, white and black, straight and gay, all of whom think exactly alike. They have the same templates, the same frames of reference, the same knee-jerk reactions to a given set of stimuli. It used to be that reporters asked skeptical questions, kept an open mind, tried to fit the facts into a historical context and then did their best to present the information in an intelligible, even-handed way. That was called “reporting.”

But when you leap to conclusions, emote, identify,worry, fret, and empathize all based on a complete fantasy about a world that only exists inside your head… that’s called “journalism.”

Hat tip: Instapundit.