Friday, May 22, 2009

Come Again?

From Haaretz:
Some 23 percent of Israelis would consider leaving the country if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, according to a poll conducted on behalf of the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Some 85 percent of respondents said they feared the Islamic Republic would obtain an atomic bomb, 57 percent believed the new U.S. initiative to engage in dialogue with Tehran would fail and 41 percent believed Israel should strike Iran's nuclear installations without waiting to see whether or how the talks develop.
But what caught my eye was this odd statement:
"The findings are worrying because they reflect an exaggerated and unnecessary fear," Prof. David Menashri, the head of the Center, said.
How is that an "unnecessary" fear?

You have a leader of a nation engaged in developing nuclear weapons making statements that the Holocaust never happened and that Israel should be destroyed.

That sounds like an inherently logical fear to me.

Granted, Islamic extremists tend to talk a lot. But eventually they follow through on their threats.

And they only have to succeed once.