Friday, May 15, 2009

And They Don't Care

Hugh Hewitt, yesterday:
"Yesterday's Dowd column blaming Dick Cheney for all future terrorist attacks in the U.S. no matter when or where they occur marks the most obvious case of end stage BDS I have ever seen, and the low point in the opinion section of the New York Times, until of course Dowd writes again. "Drivel" is exactly right, but Dowd's anticipatory defense of President Obama's innocence of any responsibility for a future terrorist attack is a signal that even the left knows the new president is dismantling the defenses brick by brick."

More importantly, they know it and they don't care.

It's not their priority. Terrorism is not where they want to spend their time, not when there is an economy, a society, and a nation to knock down and rebuild in their image.

Defense issues are a distraction for the modern left.