Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Brown Jug

There's something about this music that carries more than a little nostalgia. This was my grandparents' music - the music they grew up to, courted to, went to war and went to work with. (Frankly, it makes me jealous - it's better than much of what we have.) One of my grandfathers played semi-professionally around Salt Lake for several years; even spent a summer in Newport Beach playing drums for one of the big bands. Then, after he retired he started playing again, with the Phoenix Jazz & Swing Band. (A very appropriate name, considering the youngest members were 70!)

There is a great article by Peter Robinson over at Forbes on this very subject - sharing the music his father grew up with with his children. Well worth the read.

And even now, seventy years later, it's still worth listening to.

This one's for you, Bampa.