Friday, March 27, 2009

In The Dark

In only the latest bit of imbecility masquerading as environmentalism, tomorrow we are being encouraged to sit in the dark in observance of "Earth Hour."

Of course, this event is being advertised pretty much everywhere in "public service" announcements. Who is servicing whom is up for debate.

I won't be participating - indeed, I want nothing to do with this foolishness.

Even my own church participated last year. Seeing the Salt Lake Temple revert from a shining beacon to a faint ghost in the night brought sorrow, not reflection. What kind of message does that send, that God dips His banner to the fleeting fancies of man?

Ever since men first walked the Earth, night has been an enemy. Darkness put man at a disadvantage, and gave advantage to those that sought to harm him. Each advance brought the ability to beat back that enemy, to force back the darkness. From basic fire, to oil, to electricity, the ability to generate light at will has coincided with the advance of human civilization.

Now, we are being encouraged to turn away. To shun the light, and in essence, embrace darkness. Our ancestors would not understand; neither do I. I rather doubt these new good things we are being urged to embrace as our supposed betters encourage us to throw away and shun the old are really any good at all.

Strange times we live in.