Monday, April 24, 2006

Random Questions

Since when did it become acceptable to leak "when it is the right thing to do" - even when your true constitutional duty is not to? (The "right thing" being defined as anything that hurts Bush. Let's just say the leaker's political activities certainly raises some legitimate concerns about the leaker's motives. The fact that certain people are lining up to defend her doesn't look good, either.)

And when we catch people thusly breaking the law, why don't we
throw the book at them?

Does anyone really understand why gas prices are high, and
going higher?

Is the world really ready for
sheep-side advertising?

Does anyone besides me think that I bear a distinct resemblance to
Campion Bond?

Should I be worried about that resemblance?

Does this mean I'm cartoonish?

If someone draws a cartoon based on me, I could concievably sue based on copyright infringement. But If I take on the appearance of a cartoon character after it was created - does that mean they can sue me for copyright infringement?

Do I have issues?

Do I ask too many questions?

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