Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quotable: NRO on Iran

From the Editors at National Review:
Make no mistake: This is not a good option. Iran would probably retaliate with terrorist attacks against U.S. interests around the world, as well as aggressive efforts to destabilize Iraq. But the alternative — letting the mullahs go nuclear — is incalculably worse. For a quarter-century those mullahs have been fighting an undeclared war against the West with the only weapons they had: terrorism and a poisonous ideology. For a quarter-century we have failed to respond. They now stand on the brink of getting a new weapon — and this one will let them threaten the incineration of millions of infidels at the push of a button. Is this something that we — that anyone — should be willing to live with?
Hear, hear.

When we whisper, "never again," do we mean it? Are we willing to act in our own best interests?

Or have we abandoned all to the whisperings of the mob and fear of the crowd, and instead let our children deal with the mess we will have made?

There will come a point where we find ourselves pressed into giving up somthing we cannot accept. Then will come war. With Iran aspiring to dominance in the Middle East, the faceoff either occurs now, right now, or it comes later, when Iran has nuclear weapons.

If we wait, the price will be much higher than we can bear - and we will have to pay it.

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