Monday, November 08, 2010

Not Taking The Little Changes

Back from the Inland Empire - Spokane, not SoCal - and rather wishing I hadn't. Rain turning to snow here; of course, that's happening up there too.


James Lileks has a interesting Bleat today; one of pushing back against the annoying little changes in life, changes that aren't always for the better. So you make your own changes.

The washes always end the same: the crew chief looks over the work, gives a thumbs-up. I give a two-finger salute. Which I did. Hail and farewell. Won’t be back, because your sticker will be right below my field of vision and I have no idea if it will come off without leaving residue and there are other places whose locales don’t carry nineteen tons of personal luggage that make me feel old and sad and astonished at the things that come and go, and seem inestimably precious in recollection.

Also, your typefaces suck.