Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It Took A While

"You know what's great about anti-Semitism? It lets you know exactly who the dirt-bags are."
Andrew Klavan, Klavan on the Culture

Eventually, the truth will out:

Note her language: occupation, "those people"; "Palestine", not Israel. For someone so supposedly smart, insightful, and perceptive, she sure is ignorant, blinkered, and bigoted. She has been a joke for decades now; finally she did something the White House Correspondents Association could no longer ignore. She revealed who she really is, and it's ugly.

As Jay Nordlinger summarized:
A few basic thoughts, occasioned by the Helen Thomas outburst. We owe something to her: She said out loud, in her specially nasty way, what other people think — that Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine” (not Israel, but “Palestine”) and that the Jews should “go home”: to Germany, to Poland, to wherever else they came from, or fled from. (Has anyone told Thomas that she should “go home” to Lebanon? I’m sure that Hezbollah would welcome her as a heroine.)

With the hard-core anti-Israel crowd, the problem is not “occupation,” not the addition of in-law suites in Jerusalem: The problem is Israel itself. The very right of that state to exist. People like Helen Thomas are way to the “left,” if that’s the term, of the official position of the PLO. They are in line with Hamas and Hezbollah — and their patron in Iran.

The PLO-niks — Saeb Erekat, Hanan Ashrawi — are now the Uncle Toms of the anti-Israel community. Helen Thomas and the flotilla people are in the cool, fashionable forefront.

There is a sadly growing acceptance of anti-Semitism, from those bitter quarters that constantly preach tolerance until it comes their turn to practice it. The growing rise of Islamic radicalism legitimizes it, as hating the Jews is a fundamental element of their idealogy, and the Radical Left has yet to meet a "resistance" movement it doesn't like. It makes no sense - but there it is: they feel more in league with a repressive authoritarian theocracy than with a modern open democracy.

Last word back to Jay:
If the world lets Israel go under, a mere two or three generations after the Holocaust, we will have learned a sick, sick thing about the world... Events large and small — Iran’s nuclear drive, the Helen Thomas outburst — have led me to think about the unthinkable: the loss of Israel. They won’t go without a fight, I feel sure. And I know which side I’m on.
As do I. Do you?

Postscript: Well said, Brickmuppet:
She is gone.

Almost a shame. After all, It's rare indeed to see someone whose face so closely matches their inner beauty.