Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Campaign That Never Ends

Jim Geraghty, writing at The Campaign Spot:
Periodically you'll hear some some old Washington veteran or others lament, "When is the Obama administration going to realize that the campaign is over and it's time to start governing? When are they going to realize that the big pep rallies and media blitzes and fundraisers and attacking the opposition are supposed to be put aside, and it's time to start reaching deals on legislation and making hard choices?"

Let me help them with that question: Never. It's never going to happen, or at least not until a severe crisis forces them to put all the usual campaign stuff aside. This crew isn't that interested in governing. To govern is to choose, and this group doesn't like making hard choices...

...Well into 2012, we will still be hearing about the terrible mess they inherited, and our diplomatic representatives will go around the world, telling foreign audiences that their problems are the fault of the Bush administration.