Friday, September 25, 2009

Showing Off, Jay?

One of the more pleasant experiences in conservative commentary is Jay Nordliner's Impromptus column in National Review Online.

Tucked inside are such gems as this:
Show-off sentences? Couple of weeks ago, I wrote, “Recently, I was riding through NĂ®mes with Tony Daniels. (I know, that’s a show-off sentence.)” A reader contributed,
A few years ago, my wife was visiting with some friends who love to travel. At one point, one of them — who works for the World Bank and seems to have been everywhere — started a sentence with, “When I was in Zanzibar . . .” We all agreed that was a great line.

More recently, I saw one of the Apollo astronauts on a video talking about his experiences. He said, “When I was on the moon . . .”
As Bill Buckley would say, beat that.