Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Gaza, Now Lebanon

First Gaza goes south, now Hizbollah in Lebanon.

Yesterday, Hizbollah terrorists crossed the Lebanese border into Israel and attacking an Israeli Army outpost, killing three Israeli soldiers and taking two more hostage, dragging them back into their lair somewhere in Lebanon.

As you might imagine, Israel is extremely angry. They have mobilized some of their reserves, and are preparing to bomb most of Lebanon back into the Stone Age. Well, maybe not that extreme,
but close:
A very high ranking military officer said that if the soldiers were not returned in good condition, Israel would turn Lebanon back 20 years by striking its vital infrastructure.
In other words, quit screwing around, or we will hurt you. And we won't feel bad about it.

Once again, the attempts to bring peace to the Middle East have failed. Once again, it was Muslim terror groups that destroyed it.

Hizbollah has no interest in peace. They are a pawn of Iran, and the sole reason for its continued existance is the fact that it allows Iran to continue to fight an undeclared war by proxy against Israel, with minimum expense, no real exposure, and no consequences.

Oh, and Iran wants nuclear weapons. Keep that in mind.

P.S. If you want to keep track of this story, I recommend you bookmark and check The Jerusalem Post - a right-wing English language Israeli newspaper. This story won't be falling off their front page, unlike my hometown papers.

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