Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not To Fail

A few thoughts on life on a gloomy day.

"Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand."
- St. Augustine

"American's solemn duty is to constantly renew its covenant with humanity to complete the grand work of human freedom that began two hundred years ago. This work, in its grandness and nobility, is not unlike the building of a magnificent cathedral. In the beginning, progress is slow and painstaking. The laying of the foundations and the raising of the walls is measured in decades rather than years. But as the arches and spires begin to emerge in the air, others join in, adding their faith and dedication and love, to speed the work to its completion. My friends, the world is that cathedral. And our children, if not we ourselves, will see the completed work -- the worldwide triumph of human freedom, the triumph of human freedom under God."
Ronald Reagan, 1991

"Remember this: When we come to the edge of our known world, we're standing on the shores of the infinite. Dip your hand in that limitless sea; you're touching the mystery of God's universe. Set sail across its waters and you embark on the boldest, most noble adventure of all. Out beyond our present horizons lie whole new continents of possibility, new worlds of hope waiting to be discovered. We've traveled far, but we've only begun our journey. There are hungry to feed, sicknesses to cure, and new worlds to explore. And this is no time for small plans or shrinking ambitions. We stand on the threshold of an epic age, an age of technological splendor and an explosion of human potential, an age for heroes.”
Ronald Reagan

"Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!"
George Washington

All around us are skeptics. Not a bad thing, entirely - it is good for someone to have a sober eye. Some take their "realism" to the edge of depression; nothing will work, it's hopeless, we're doomed.

I don't share that melancholy. We weren't placed here to fail.

That may sound overly religious to you, and my faith does indeed inform that belief.

I have no assurance that good will win, except in the end. And that comes only from my faith. If I could only trust in man, I'd have no assurance that good would prevail at all.

But. But what is the point of being here, if not to try. We weren't placed here to surrender. We have to try. We have too much yet to do.

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