Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rush Has A Point

I'm doing something a little unusual today - sending you over to a transcript from Rush Limbaugh yesterday - he made some excellent points I think you should see. Here are a cherry-picked few; I strongly recommend you read the whole thing. (If it is no longer available, and you want to see it, email me or leave a comment and I'll post more of it.)

What rogue, what scoundrel came up with the ridiculous line, "Tell the truth, Mr. President, all the news is not rosy in Iraq." Who comes up with these lines? Tell the truth, Mr. President, all the news is not rosy in Iraq? Well, I've heard Joe Biden use it. Of course, when Biden uses it, then it becomes fair game and a lot of people on the left start using it. But may I ask a question? Just where is all that good news that we're being flooded with? When they say, "Tell the truth, Mr. President, all the news is not rosy in Iraq," would somebody tell me where the good news is? Can you name for me a war hero? Can you name for me a successful mission? Can you name for me an inspirational act of courage or a noble act or a good deed that has taken place in Iraq, just one, that the mainstream media has reported on? Can you list any of the many signs of progress in country after country in the Middle East? You cannot, because they are not reported. So where is this good news?
Can you name a war hero? Are we allowed to believe in war heroes anymore?

...And so when you start suggesting policies or outcomes that would result in the defeat of our country and then people question your patriotism, and, "How dare you question my patriotism!" Well, you know, there are people who are going to start questioning your patriotism -- and it's about time -- and not your definition of patriotism. You can redefine all these terms so that you are exempt from the original meaning, you start saying, "Well, you know, patriotism. That's the precious right to dissent. I am being patriotic. I am criticizing my government. I am criticizing my president, because that's what the Founding Fathers did! Why, they criticized the king and they criticized Great Britain and they found for themselves what they want." Yeah, but all this falls apart and you people have absolutely zilch in common with the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers were builders! The Founding Fathers were constructors; the Founding Fathers were people with a vision for the betterment of all. You have nothing in common with the Founding Fathers.
That sums up why Kerry lost in 2004. The Democrats offered nothing in terms of new ideas; all they offered was "don't vote for Bush." And that is all they offer now.

The fact of the matter is, and it's becoming more and more obvious every day, the mainstream media appears to be little more than the National Enquirer, always looking for the most sensational events, always looking for the most outrageous, whether it has anything to do with the truth or not. They are looking for the larger story, and if something that pops up contradicts the agenda, it is ignored. Over 1,800 brave men and women have lost their lives in Iraq. The nation knows the name of only one of the parents, Cindy Sheehan. I ask you what kind of reporting is that? Over 1,800 brave men and women have lost their lives and the people of the United States know the name of one parent, Cindy Sheehan.


  1. Wow. Harsh words... but well done. Kudos to you, Mr. L.

    I remember a time when Al Frankin (sp?) wrote a book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot," or something of that nature. I thought that was funny.

    Oh how the tables have turned. Frankin was great... as a writer for Saturday Night Live. As a social and political commentator I can't stand him.

    I used to demean and make fun of Rush. You know, until I started to think on my own and realized I agreed with him on a lot of stuff.