Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Hope of Joy

The President spoke Tuesday night. I only was able to hear the last half - it was earlier than usual - but what I heard, I liked.

The President argued that by taking the war to the terrorists, we keep America safe. That by engaging the enemy on their home turf, which includes Iraq, we keep them off ours. And the plan is to stay there until they get the hint that the United States can and will outlast them.

Basically, President Bush argued that Iraq is part of the War on Terror, and for good reason. I agree, but I know not everyone else did. Because as I watched CNN last night, the usual suspects, such as John Kerry (why anyone listens to him, I don't know), said the usual complaints. No plan. No deadline. No timetable. B**** b**** b****.

Of course, the Dems have no plan either. Unless you count this one. [Courtesy Argghhh!!!]

And they complained about Bush referring to 9/11.

Well, 9/11 is why we are there, but not how they think. 9/11 shocked some of us out of the apathetic 90's and into the big scary world that we always knew was there but refused to acknowledge. It never intruded upon our lives in any significant way; why worry about it?

Iraq had been a major problem for us all through the 1990s. Even the Clinton Administration came to the conclusion that the only way to deal with Iraq was to eliminate Hussein. He sponsored terror groups, offered them safe haven, and provided them aid. That alone should have been enough to encourage his removal. His dabbling with WMDs was icing on the cake. That was a job we should have handled years ago. But it is done.

So what now? If we just pull chocks and run, we will be abandoning the Iraqis, and we will re-experience the aftermath of Vietnam. We will prove to the world that we are too soft to stand for anything.

If we stay? More soldiers will die, more politicians will try to score points off their deaths. America will continue to be lambasted by the chattering elites of the world; our simplisme and directness mocked.

But maybe - just maybe - the world will change for the better. A little less tyranny, a little more light.

There's no guarantee, just a hope. But we have gotten by on less before.

NR Editors:
"If we fail in Iraq, it will be a blow to America's prestige. One reason the terrorists struck on 9/11 is that they thought America was weak and making it bleed would prompt it to abandon its allies in the Middle East. The signal of weakness sent by a loss in Iraq wouldn't placate our enemies, but invite more attacks."

Andy McCarthy:
"On September 12, 2001, no one in America cared about whether there would be enough Sunni participation in a fledgling Iraqi democracy if Saddam were ever toppled. No one in lower Manhattan cared whether the electricity would work in Baghdad, or whether Muqtada al-Sadr’s Shiite militia could be coaxed into a political process. They cared about smashing terrorists and the states that supported them for the purpose of promoting American national security.

"Saddam Hussein’s regime was a crucial part of that response because it was a safety net for al Qaeda. A place where terror attacks against the United States and the West were planned. A place where Saddam’s intelligence service aided and abetted al Qaeda terrorists planning operations. A place where terrorists could hide safely between attacks. A place where terrorists could lick their wounds. A place where committed terrorists could receive vital training in weapons construction and paramilitary tactics. In short, a platform of precisely the type without which an international terror network cannot succeed."

"...we didn't build a functioning government in a year after we won the Revolution, gee, surprise, neither have the Iraqis. But there is progress..."


  1. Senstive, kindly and addressing an unspoken need, what a great blog site, you are really exploring and investigative in your narrative, to the degree that each article is worth reading to the end... and hard to dismiss!

  2. I like what you have to say here. I agree all over the place. Here's some thoughts:

    Basically this party is becomming socialist, hard and fast. They want (1) power and (2) to implement a socialist New World Order. Basically (1) to do (2). Therefore they oppose the war. They want credit (power) for the war. Their true power comes in the amplification of our weaknesses (lowering the power of everyone else), so they support our enemies in taking advantage of every mistake and weakness. They do not support American soverignty, or use of American soverign power (New World Order), and so they oppose any actions that do not bow to a global community (even a minor global community).

    Mostly liberal, the media is dunk on their own power. They control propaganda and communication. They see themselves as self-righteous heroes "saving" people from high-order corruption. They see shadows and give chase. To take down a President or stop a War, is an heroic feat (ever since Nixon and Vietnam), in their minds.

    Face it, this is a religious war for these guys, and frankly the forces of evil in this world are pushing. They see our influence especially (Judeo-Christian) as being too much in the world, effectively a threat to their way. We did not push anything on them, but the influence I'm certain has spread naturally.

    We have many enemies inside and out, and while we do what we can to survive, we keep making mistakes. Things are not headed in a good direction, but it is good that we are fighting our enemies through the Iraq battlefield now, rather than on our home turf.

  3. I appreceiate the comments made on this post. Thanks, Tyler, for a well written column. And thanks to Adam for his additional insight.

    I think the central theme of all of this is POWER. Radical Islam is jealous of the power that America holds, yet doesn't use. They see a wealth of opportunity for all, and fear it. They lust after it. They desire to have the power without the responsibility that comes with it. Their mindset is twisted.

    The Democrats are enamored of same thing...power! They have lost control of the House, Senate, and Presidency. They must know that their ideas are antiquated. They seek socialism. Why? Because then they have control. Not just over legislation, but over everything. They wish to set themselves up as kings to rule and reign over the people of the US. The scary part is that there are too many ignorant, lazy bums who support this idea because it would make life easier for them. I think it's time to handing out a good kick in the pants to such slovenly persons.